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Administrative License Revocation

If you are arrested for a DWI in Texas, typically that also means that your driver’s license will also be suspended. This is because under Texas law, there are administrative consequences regarding your driver’s license that are separate from the criminal charges.

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The Difference Between Probation and Deferred Adjudication

The primary and most important different between probation and deferred adjudication is that probation is a final conviction. Unlike probation, deferred adjudication is not a conviction.

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Nondisclosure on DWI Conviction

Under Section 411.0731 of the Texas Government Code, you may qualify to have a DWI conviction nondisclosed and sealed from public record. This means that if you meet the qualifications, then you may be able to conceal a DWI conviction from future employers when job searching or from apartment complexes when searching for a place to rent.

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How Theft Charges Can Come Back to Haunt You

Under Texas Penal Code 31.03, if “a person commits an offense of theft if he unlawfully appropriates property with the intent to deprive the owner of property”. This essentially means that if you take property of another without the owner’s consent and you do so with the intent to deprive the owner of that property, then you have committed a theft under Texas law.

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